New Bulletproof Materials Produced from Sustainable Composite Supplies


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Safety methods should discover a stability between being light-weight and offering energy and security in what could be life or demise conditions in strenuous environments. ExoTechnologies can be targeted on working with sustainable supplies whereas offering the essential safety required in bulletproof elements. To fulfill these wants, ExoTechnologies developed a ExoProtect, a new simply moldable bulletproof materials created from DANU, a recyclable composite materials that has additionally been utilized in boat hulls.  

ExoProtect is created from sustainable fibers and styrene-free resins. The DANU part has a particular resistance larger than chrome steel 316 and s-glass composite, is much less brittle than carbon fiber, and isn’t compromised by water like polyaramid fibers reminiscent of Kevlar. Wonderful safety from explosives, projectiles, and particles is offered and the composite materials is vibration and corrosion resistant and may be fashioned to satisfy designs and geometries of all kinds of automobiles from tactical marine craft to floor automobiles to army plane. 



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